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Joe Santangelo is a confident and highly organized professional with an extensive experience in environmental services, transportation, electrical and electronic manufacturing industry, but also in several sectors with well-known companies, worked within international and multicultural environments: Petroltecnica S.p.A., ATS Automation, SIEMENS S.p.A., MPT SA. Being a sportsman, achieved many awards in sports. Expertise in business development and strategic marketing management in Middle East & EMEA regions. Specialized in marketing and sales management, business planning, developing new business and start-ups with strong leadership skills and the ability to motivate, managed multicore value network projects. Equally effective at public relations and creative writer so far published 3 manuals on economics (Export Management Manual 2016 – Global Management Lectures 2017 – Business Combat Mindset – 2020). A respected builder and leader of customer-focused teams; instilling a shared enthusiastic commitment to customer service and marketing, sales force as a key driver for company goal attainments. Solid and broad-minded leader ready for a challenging leadership role within a company requiring bold & competent leadership, requesting years of professional experience to facilitate operations, maximize revenue and productivity & ensure strong future growth.


In November 2020 he completed a Course of Study and Assessments to achieve the RINA/FEDERMANAGER Official Certification – EXPORT-MANAGER & Internationalization Manager for SME (Ministry of Economic Development Endorsement - 2020).

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AGESVIN & BE-FINANCE S.r.L. (Rome - Minal - Rimini))

International Business Consultant (2021 - present)

As a certified International Business Consultant I provide advices to Clients regarding how to make overseas contacts, use exchange currencies and understand various international trade laws in order to make it easier for them to buy and sell goods in the ever growing and increasingly complex international marketplace. In addition to that I define models for internationalization of SME, finalised to both strengthen their export revenues (products/services) and to enter new areas with a direct presence (cooperation agreements, international agency, franchising, Joint Venture Companies, Subsidiaries and Branches), coordinating the process itself with internal resources.
  • Research international trade legislation relating to all countries where trade activities are to occur;
  • Travel to different countries to explore the markets first hand;
  • Actively contribute to the advertising and marketing efforts of the business;
  • Liaise with financial agents, business personnel and government officials from foreign countries.

Petroltecnica S.p.A. (Rimini/Milan; 75MEuros Revenues in Environmental Services for Downstream and Midstream O&G)

International Sales & Marketing Director 2012-2020

  • Leading International Sales department, 4M Sales, 10 people and local Agencies;

  • Regional focus on Turkey, Algeria, Taiwan and Qatar, establishing local JVCs, training and leading local resources;

  • Key commercial relationships with end users and contractors including Tockheim, Syndial, GIA Technology, Mepsan AS, DEMECO/Glencora Ltd, WAZEN AS, Yuan Fan, BROS. Ltd, Alghanim Kuwait Group, ODR Iceland Ltd, REFINER Ltd, Bonatti, ABB, Shell, Esso, British Petroleum, Exxon Group, Brega Petroleum CO, PetroChina;

  • Developed a Marketing strategy in Pharma & Chemical to reposition the Company in growing and more profitable segments.


Strategic Marketing Director Jan 2016–2019

  • Development of yearly marketing plans for the business line and strategies to increase the market share. Responsible for defining specific objectives for the development of a coherent and profitable strategic marketing plan for Group companies.

  • Managed and restart the plan of the company through a structured process that included:  an analysis of internal and external reputation, an analysis of turnover, profit and costs of each production unit and department, an exploration of the potential new markets for the Group companies, including macroeconomic trends, the degree of internal competition in the business sector, the related commercial and financial risks, profitability and potential benefits that can be acquired, the authorization/right to provide the service.

  • Based on the first results, quantitative simulations were carried out and impacted on the current structure was estimated, with evidence of the actions required and the related costs, both financial and temporal (investment).

  • An articulated solution was proposed (Strategic Marketing Plan for differentiation / diversification / conversion), subsequently ratified by the Company's Board of Directors and thus implemented.


IAR - International Academy of Rome – UNITELMA SAPIENZA Università (Rome - Istanbul)

PROFESSOR of Economics 2016 @ todayFace to Face IN CLASS Lectures for the following Courses (Bachelor of Arts in Economics - Managerial Engineering):

  • International Business Management - (48 Hs)

  • Global Management - (48 Hs)

  • Strategic Marketing Management - (42 Hs)

  • Business Planning & International Relationships Management - (42 Hs)

  • Project Management & Sustenability – (40 Hs)


ATS Mobility/Parking Solutions S.p.A. (Rome; 6MEuros Revenues in Technical Solutions for Traffic Mobility)

National Sales Director 2009-2012

  • Commercial leader for Italy (4 Agencies and 4 technical resources);

  • Supported Business growth and combination with key Swiss Partner ZEAG AG in 2012.


SIEMENS S.p.A. Industrial Solutions & Services  (Rome/Milan/Munich; 100MEuros Revenues)

National Sales Director of Parking Unit 2006-2009

  • Managed 4MEuros Sales budget per year, with 10 resources including Agents;

  • Managed commercial bids from opportunity identification to strategy development, internal approval process and negotiation into successful proposal;

  • Led key relations with large Municipality customers in Milan and Rome.

Marketing & Sales Manager for Close Circuit Television Systems 2003-2006

  • Developed annual marketing plan for the business unit delivering 30% revenues increase;

  • Coordinated all sales channels including Agents and Business Partners.

Sales Specialist Central & Southern Italy for Industrial Solution & Services 2000-2003

  • Supported cross selling opportunities for several industrial markets (chemical; O&G; metals & mining; automotive; water). Responsible for commercial training.

QUIRINUS Art & Image Promotion srl (Rome/Verona)

Director of Marketing and Sales 1998-2000

  • Overseen service development, pricing, marketing budgets, and sales objectives. Trained and directed sales-force and marketing staff;

  • Developed customer service policies and procedures to ensure consistent customer service and satisfaction. Resolved non-routine customer complaints and major problems with services delivery;

  • Worked with advertising agencies, porepared ads, catalogues, brochures, and other materials for sales and marketing.

ISTITUTO GIS - Group for Intelligence & Security (Rome/Carrara/Parma)

Marketing Manager & Principal Trainer 1997-2000

  • Established marketing strategies to meet organizational objectives;

  • Overseen promotional activities;

  • Produced marketing brochures, sales kits and other promotional materials.


  • Bachelor of Arts with Honours in International Business Management (The Nottingham Trent University - UK - 1999)

  • Certificate in Strategic Marketing Management at Life Learning Institute (Sept. 2020)

  • Master Executive in Business Coaching at International LL Institute (May 2020)

  • Certificate and Licence in Sport Coach PRO at Life Learning Academy (April 2020)

  • Certificate on Intercultural Negotiation at ELLECUBICA School, Brescia (March 2019)

  • Mini Master in International Contractual Law, Confindustria/Praktica SrL International Contractual Law course for Export Managers, Ravenna/Bologna (2014)

  • Certificate on Security Management, Rimini (2014)

  • Certificate in Export Management at Scuola “Il Sole24ore”, Marketing Strategies and Networking for Company Internationalization, Milan (2013)

  • Certificate on Corporate Business Strategy – MIM (Manhattan Institute of Management) - validated by European School of Economics - Italy/US (1998)

  • Master in Sport Management (ENAIP-CEE + Scuola dello Sport C.O.N.I.) - Italy (1999)


  • RINA/FEDERMANAGER Official Certification – EXPORT-MANAGER & Internationalization Manager for SME (Ministry of Economic Development Endorsement - 2020)

  • Federal Combat-Sports Professor, Gym-Master and Kickboxing World Champion (1997/2007/2017)

  • IAKSA International Professor in Psychodynamics of Fighting (in Business Environment) 2020

  • Books Author (15 volumes amongst Essays, Novels, Economics and Academic textbooks)

  • International Business and Export Management Professor at IAR (International Academy)



0 Export Manager (Certificazione RINA-MI



9 2020 Executive Business Coaching MASTE





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X Certification Nuovi Trendi del Marketi
XX1 International Contractual Law (Certi







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